AWSM accepting applications for new student chapters

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Katie McInerney

Want to bring the message and mission of AWSM to your campus? Consider applying to establish a student chapter.

AWSM launched its student chapter program in 2011-12 and now has a presence on 17 college campuses across the country. We’re accepting applications for new chapters.

To apply for a chapter, you need demonstrated interest on campus, a full-time faculty member who has agreed to be your adviser, official recognition as a student organization on campus (or the ability to begin the process upon approval), interested students who are AWSM members, and short- and long-term plans for your chapter.

See below for details on how to apply and answers to frequently asked questions. Applications are due by Sept. 30.

How to apply

Submit the following in one email to vice president/student programs Katie McInerney at by Sept. 30. Application packets should be in PDF form.

1. The questionnaire below, copy and pasted into a new document (this is the cover for your application packet).

2. A roster of interested chapter members, including email addresses. All chapter members must already be student members of AWSM in order to be counted toward the roster total at time of application. Students can register for AWSM here; an annual student memberships is $25.

3. A list of potential chapter officers. A president must be in place at time of application.

4. A resume from the potential chapter president.

5. A one-page letter explaining why you would like to start a student chapter, what your overall vision for the chapter is, why you think your campus needs a student chapter and what you hope national AWSM can provide.

6. A letter from your faculty adviser explaining their planned involvement.

7. An outline of your short- and long-term plans for the chapter, including potential guest speakers, events, fundraising opportunities, social media strategy, etc. (like a syllabus for a class).

8. Proof from your university that you would be recognized as an official student organization, including any additional requirements AWSM should be aware of.


Name of representative applying for AWSM chapter:


Role of representative (president or faculty adviser):

Name of student chapter president:

Phone number:

Email address:

Name of faculty adviser:

Phone number:

Email address:


Questions and advice about applying for chapters

How many interested members do I need?

There is no minimum requirement but all members must be signed up with national AWSM. (Register for AWSM here.) Chapter viability is important, so it is crucial to have underclassmen in addition to upperclassmen. We are unlikely to accept a chapter if it is comprised of all seniors given that lack of viability to succeed beyond the current academic year.

Does my adviser need to be a full-time faculty member?

Our bylaws state advisers must be full-time faculty members. Co-advisers are welcome.

What’s the deal with official student organization recognition? Do we apply for the chapter first, or apply for recognition first?

Every school has different requirements when it comes to establishing student organizations, so be sure to look up your school’s rules and be aware of deadlines.

Because of these deadlines, you may need to apply for official recognition with your school before you are approved as a student chapter. We will require documentation that you are established as a student chapter or are in the process of doing so (and will likely be accepted by your university’s student organization group).

There is a chance that you could begin the process to become a recognized student organization but we ultimately decide not to extend an invitation to join our student chapters.

The No. 1 requirement: To be a university-recognized student organization. We cannot accept a chapter that cannot immediately be recognized as a student organization.

How do we come up with our prospective plans?

Take a look at what our 17 student chapters do here. It might help spark some ideas. Also consider what is missing on your campus and what would benefit students most.

Why do we have to follow all these steps to become a student chapter?

Joining the AWSM family means you are representing AWSM in a public setting. It is very important that we thoroughly vet potential chapters because your reputation is our reputation, too.

If we aren’t accepted, when can we apply again?

Chapter applications are only accepted during the month of September, so you can apply next fall.

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