Applications closed for new AWSM student chapters

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AWSM is thrilled to invite colleges and universities to apply to become officially sanctioned student chapters.

The Association for Women in Sports media was created to support women at all levels of sports media, providing support for those who face unique barriers seeking equal footing in the sports workforce. The organization has a rich tradition of student chapters devoted to sharing AWSM's values and unique networking opportunities. Like the professionals, our campus chapters are open to students of all genders.

Applications closed on May 1 for this cycle. A university employee must serve as the sponsor for each student chapter and our requirements include a letter of recommendation endorsing the sponsor as a strong mentor for our AWSM members.

Please email with any questions.

Questions and advice about applying for chapters

How many interested members do I need?

There is no minimum requirement but all members must be signed up with national AWSM. (Register for AWSM here.) Chapter viability is important, so it is crucial to have underclassmen in addition to upperclassmen. We are unlikely to accept a chapter if it is comprised of all seniors given that lack of viability to succeed beyond the current academic year.

Does my adviser need to be a full-time faculty member?

Our bylaws state advisers must be full-time faculty members. Co-advisers are welcome.

What’s the deal with official student organization recognition? Do we apply for the chapter first, or apply for recognition first?

Every school has different requirements when it comes to establishing student organizations, so be sure to look up your school’s rules and be aware of deadlines.

Because of these deadlines, you may need to apply for official recognition with your school before you are approved as a student chapter. We will require documentation that you are established as a student chapter or are in the process of doing so (and will likely be accepted by your university’s student organization group).

There is a chance that you could begin the process to become a recognized student organization but we ultimately decide not to extend an invitation to join our student chapters.

The No. 1 requirement: To be a university-recognized student organization. We cannot accept a chapter that cannot immediately be recognized as a student organization.

Why do we have to follow all these steps to become a student chapter?

Joining the AWSM family means you are representing AWSM in a public setting. It is very important that we thoroughly vet potential chapters because your reputation is our reputation, too.

If we aren’t accepted, when can we apply again?

Yes, if your chapter application isn't accepted this time you can apply again during the next open period.

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