Student Chapters

AWSM launched its student chapter program in 2011-12. Chapters are called AWSM @ (school name) and are official campus organizations that are led by students with guidance from a faculty advisor. For information on the program, contact board members Katie McInerney, Meghan Montemurro or Sarah Scrivens.

Active student chapters

University of Alabama
Faculty Advisor:
Coral Marshall
Chapter President:
Kim Rankin
Arizona State University
Faculty Advisor:
Paola Boivin
Chapter President:
Makayla Perkins
Clemson University
Faculty Advisor:
Angela Pratt
Chapter President:
Amy McKenna
University of Florida
Faculty Advisor:
Eric Esterline
Chapter President:
Guerbrea Fort
University of Georgia
Faculty Advisor:
Vicki Michaelis
Chapter President:
Cat Hendrick
Ithaca College
Faculty Advisor:
Kyle Woody
Chapter President:
Danielle Allentuck
James Madison University
Faculty Advisor:
Catie Prince
Chapter President:
Logan Campbell
University of Maryland
Faculty Advisor:
Adrianne Flynn
Chapter President:
MacKaiya Cherry
Danielle Stein
Michigan State University
Faculty Advisor:
L.A. Dickerson
Joanne Gerstner
Chapter President:
Alexis Downie
University of Missouri
Faculty Advisor:
Elizabeth Frogge
Chapter President:
Anne Rogers
Northwestern University
Faculty Advisor:
Desiree Hanford
Chapter President:
Jenny Haskel
University of Oklahoma
Faculty Advisor:
Barry Orr
Lee Reynolds
Chapter President:
Lauren Linville
Oklahoma State University
Faculty Advisor:
Ted Kian
Chapter President:
Emily Bjorklund
University of Oregon
Faculty Advisor:
Lori Shontz
Chapter President:
Maggie Vanoni
Penn State University
Faculty Advisor:
John Affleck
Chapter President:
Erin Johnson
Quinnipiac University
Faculty Advisor:
Molly Yanity
Chapter President:
Francesca Depalo
Samford University
Faculty Advisor:
Nia Johnson
Chapter President:
Macy Marin
Susquehanna University
Faculty Advisor:
David Kaszuba
Chapter President:
Alexa Gonzalez
University of Virginia
Faculty Advisor:
Anna Katherine Clay
Chapter President:
Nikki Ferris
Theresa Matthews
West Virginia University
Faculty Advisor:
Elizabeth Oppe
Chapter President:
Julia Mellett
University of Wisconsin
Faculty Advisor:
Pam Garcia-Rivera
Chapter President:
Kassie Dunnihoo
Noa Rubnitz

Former student chapters

Boston University
Indiana University
Ohio University
University of Michigan

Chapter of the Year

AWSM instituted a chapter of the year award in 2014 in the spirit of honoring the hard work and enthusiasm of our student network members. Recipients of the award are below.


AWSM@Penn State


AWSM@Oklahoma State


AWSM@Michigan State






AWSM@Oklahoma State

Student chapter faqs

I want to start a student chapter at my university. What do I do?

AWSM only accepts applications for new student chapters in the fall. The deadline to apply for 2018 was September 30. New chapters will be selected in October. Requests for 2018 have closed. All potential chapters are required to be recognized as official student organizations on campus. If you have questions, please contact AWSM board members Katie McInerney, Meghan Montemurro or Sarah Scriven.

When is the deadline for applying?

The 2018 deadline for new student chapter applications was September 30, 2018.

What will increase my school's chance of becoming officially recognized?

Planning ahead and generating interest among students and faculty members before applying will increase your chance of being officially recognized by AWSM. For instance, a prospective chapter with 15 interested students already signed up as student members of national AWSM will have a greater chance than one with three. A strong outline of plans for the chapter (potential events and speakers) also will make your chapter a more attractive candidate.

Is there a limit on how many student chapters will officially be recognized by AWSM each semester? What will increase my school’s chances of earning that distinction?

Yes. AWSM will “admit” up to five new chapters each semester. This program is still in its developmental stages, and capping the number of official student chapters allows national AWSM to give each chapter the guidance it deserves. Planning ahead and generating interest amongst students, faculty members and professionals before applying to will increase chances of being officially recognized by AWSM. For instance, a prospective chapter with 20 interested students already signed up as student members of national AWSM will have a greater chance of becoming an official student chapter than one with five. A strong outline of plans for the chapter (targeted guest speakers, potential events, etc.) will also make your chapter a more attractive candidate.

What are the benefits of having an AWSM student chapter at my university?

AWSM prides itself not only advancing women in sports media, but creating a community of members of all ages and in all areas of the field. Being a student chapter means you are fully welcomed into the AWSM family. You will have access to member-only benefits, such as AWSM’s directory, monthly newsletter and job alerts. Additionally, all student chapters will be guided by professional AWSM members, creating plenty of networking and mentorship opportunities. Finally, student chapters allow students at universities with a similar interest in sports media to connect with one another and, hopefully, form valuable friendships and professional relationships that will continue when entering the workforce. Check out this blog post by AWSM@OklahomaState member Courtney Brown that explains why being part of a student chapter is a valuable experience.

Why do all of our chapter members need to be national AWSM members?

The student chapter program is a full partnership with national AWSM. In order to take advantage of the resources our organization can provide, student members must register as national AWSM members. The student fee is $25 per calendar year (c’mon, you probably spend more than that on Starbucks each week!) and may be tax deductible because AWSM is a nonprofit organization. Register at

How do we plan a schedule? What are we supposed to do?

Brainstorm with interested students and faculty members to come up with a variety of meetings and events that will most benefit your chapter. The most successful student chapters have a healthy blend of social, educational and professional development activities. Reach out to local media professionals that could be a guest speaker or part of a discussion panel. Hold workshops where peers, faculty members and professionals can critique resumes, cover letters and work samples or provide job interview advice. Throw a watch party for big sporting events or take part in a community service outing. National AWSM is also here to help. Some of the most prominent female sports media professionals in our field today are members of AWSM and we can help connect you to them for conference calls, Skype chats or even in-person visits. Just ask!

We want to raise money for a project. What should we do?

Traditional fundraising ideas like bake sales
or car washes can work well on campuses. Establishments such as Blaze Pizza, Chipotle and Jamba Juice offer opportunities as well. And, don’t forget about looking into options on campus – such as student government or the communications school, which may have funds available.

What is your internship/scholarship contest, and why should we enter it?

AWSM’s internship/scholarship program has
placed more than 150 female college students interested in sports media careers
in paid summer internships with employers such as ESPN, and Sports
Illustrated. Details can be found here.

Can guys be part of our AWSM student chapter?

Yes! AWSM stands for the Association for Women in Sports Media, not the Association of Women in Sports Media. Our membership is open to anybody who supports the advancement of women in this field. 

What kind of help is there if we have a question or problem?

National AWSM’s board is always available.
Contacts for every board member can be found on the AWSM About Us page.

Do we need to keep our own finances?

Yes. Student chapters are a branch of national AWSM, which means we need to report finances of all chapters to the IRS for tax purposes. Additionally, most schools will require a regular financial report as part of being an official student organization. Having a student chapter treasurer is recommended.

Are we allowed to come to the AWSM national convention?

Yes! We have a student chapter meeting on the opening day of each convention and there are numerous learning and networking
opportunities available. Also keep an eye out for our regional events, announced in quarterly newsletters and on social media.

Once our chapter is approved, do we have to reapply each year?

All chapters will be evaluated on an annual basis, taking place at the end of each academic year. AWSM will notify each chapter advisor by July 31 of the results. If a chapter is found not to be upholding guidelines set forth by national AWSM, that chapter will be placed on probation for a 90-day period. At the end of 90 days, the chapter will be re-evaluated and allowed to continue operations or suspended. Suspension of a chapter in no way precludes an individual attending or employed by a university from being an AWSM member in good standing. Chapters which have been suspended are eligible to reapply after one academic year. Example: School X is suspended July 31, 2000 – it may reapply on August 1, 2001.

What would warrant the suspension of a chapter?

A chapter will be suspended when it is found not to be upholding guidelines set forth by national AWSM – which may include: absence of continuous activity and communication with national AWSM, failure to have elected officers in place, lack of chapter members joining national AWSM, maintaining good standing at the host college/university, failure in being officially recognized by the host college/university as a student organization.

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