Alisha Miller

When did you join AWSM?

Semi-convoluted answer here. I applied for an AWSM internship in 2001 and became a member then. I didn’t earn an internship and I stupidly let my membership lapse thinking I wouldn’t get much out of the organization. Fast forward to 2010 when I decided to attend my first convention in Los Angeles. That convention and the organization had me hooked, and I’ve been an AWSM member ever since!

How has AWSM helped you?

If you learn anything from this business, it’s that networking is a key to a successful career. Thanks to AWSM, I’ve gotten leads on jobs, made lifelong friends and stayed connected to sports journalism in ways that my non-AWSM counterparts don’t understand and aren’t clued into.

Where do you work?

NFL editor for

Previous job?:

Senior editor for The Sporting News

Where do you reside?

Charlotte, N.C.

Favorite team(s):

Carolina Panthers, Charlotte 49ers, Charlotte Hornets, NASCAR

Favorite sporting event(s):

NCAA tournament, Coca-Cola 600, Rose Bowl, Wells Fargo Championship

Bucket list sporting event(s):

Favorite sports venue(s):

CenturyLink Field for a playoff game or Bristol Motor Speedway for a night race.


Treat everyone with respect and don’t burn bridges. Think Kevin Bacon. Our business is a small circle of sorts, and you never know when you’ll work with someone again, or who knows who and who can vouch for you (or at the same time say not-so-good things about you.)

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