Netta-Lee Lax

When did you join AWSM?

May 2014

How has AWSM helped you?

AWSM has provided me not only with a plethora of mentors and support, but with tangible training and advice that have helped advance my career. The best gift that I have gotten from the organization is by far and away the amazing community of women whom I have met through it.

Where do you work?

NBC Olympics. I am the associate producer for all Olympics digital video content.

Previous job?:

Editor and producer at NBA Entertainment

Where do you reside?

New York City

Favorite team(s):

Northwestern Wildcats and New York Knicks

Favorite sporting event(s):

NBA Finals and the Olympics

Bucket list sporting event(s):

Favorite sports venue(s):

Madison Square Garden


Here are two of my favorites: “I hope I have helped. I hope some little girl out there knows now that she can be a sportswriter if she wants to be” -Mary Garber and “I am the greatest. I said that even before I knew I was” – Muhammad Ali

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